Foreign Language

Foreign Language

Academy of British English offers exclusive course for Foreign Languages teaching Chinese, German, French, and Hindi. We are a reliable and excellent English and foreign languages institute in Delhi.

We offer foreign languages courses for following:

  • 01


  • 02


  • 03


  • 04


  • The course is carried out level-wise comprising:

Level 1: (20 Hours)

  • Greetings
  • Alphabets and their sounds
  • Some other expressions
  • Days, months, and seasons
  • Colours
  • Personal acquaintances
  • Forming sentences – I

Level 2: (20 Hours)

  • Forming Sentences – II
  • Present, Past, & Future Tense
  • Parts of Speech
  • Comparisons
  • Number

Level 3: On Demand (40 Hours)

ABE is the best academy of foreign languages in Delhi with fantastic courses and skilled and expertise faculty.

About Us

We at the Academy of British English are committed to impart quality education of English Language, both in terms of spoken as well as written English with strong emphasis on spoken English.

The course have been specially designed to teach 'Everyday English.

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